#2Doses: JABS & JOBS Workers’ Education Campaign for Vaccination and Employment for All

We are thankful to Defend Jobs Philippines for reaching out and inviting us to be part of #2Doses: Jabs & Jobs, a workers’ education campaign for vaccination and employment for all.

“Amid health and economic crisis, these are the doses we need.”

Defend Jobs Philippines and the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (Iohsad) will partner in conducting the “#2Doses: Jabs and Jobs” workers education campaign for vaccination and employment for all.

The #2Doses Campaign aims to raise awareness and educate the Filipino workers on the importance and necessity to get vaccinated amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also aims to challenge the government to speed-up and step-up its vaccination programs as well as to massively create decent and regular jobs for all workers.

We aim to amplify the need for vaccines and employment as key and fundamental solutions to resolve the health and economic crisis of our workers during this pandemic and national public health emergency.

For more questions and partnership, please contact us our Campaign Secretariat at 09155670410.

We also invite workers to share vaccination plans or programs in their workplaces by posting their #KwentongBakuna stories on their social media accounts or send them to bantaycovidsatrabaho@gmail.com. Your stories/questions/testimonials/suggestions will help us in designing our plans and activities for this campaign.

Maraming salamat at laging mag-iingat! Please follow our Facebook pages (Defend Jobs Philippines and Iohsad Philippines ) for our Jabs and Jobs activities and announcements.

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