Workers’ Covid-19 Vaccine Demands

July 2, 2021


  1. Free vaccinations for all workers!

According to the Department of Labor and Employment Labor Advisory No. 03 Series of 2021 o Guidelines on the Administration of Covid-19 Vaccines in the Workplace, “No cost of vaccination in the workplace shall be charged against or passed on, directly or indirectly, to the employees.”

This means that any billing that companies make for vaccines and related processes is contrary to this Labor Advisory. Thus, we will stand for FREE any vaccination program in the workplace.

  1. Vaccines for all workers, regular and contractual!

In companies with immunization programs, there should be no room for discrimination. Regardless of the worker’s employment status, whether regular or contractual, he or she has the right to be vaccinated.

Unions must insist on including contractual workers in the company’s vaccination program.

  1. Vaccination is voluntary and should not be mandatory! Instead, information awareness and education campaigns about the vaccine should be launched in the workplace.

Assert the right of every worker to “informed consent”. Everyone has the freedom to decide on whether they will receive the vaccine or not. Workers who refuse to be vaccinated cannot be penalized or fired.

At the same time, companies should be required to conduct information awareness and education campaigns about the vaccine among workers.

  1. Paid Vaccine Leave Now! The government should allocate funds for the wages of the workers on the days of his/her vaccination!

DOLE must provide funds in the form of paid leave for workers who will be absent from work when they get vaccinated. Workers must be paid and receive wages on the days of their vaccination.

In the event that there are adverse or bad side effects from the vaccine and the worker is taken to the hospital, the government must cover the cost of treatment. Also make sure that workers recovering from the adverse side effects of the vaccine receive cash aid from the government.

**These demands were formulated and discussed during the online Workers’ Consultation (Konsultahang Manggagawa) organized by Iohsad Philippines last June 25, 2021.