WORKERS’ RIGHT TO KNOW | A Narrative Report on the Health and Working Conditions of Workers in High-Risk Industries That Use Chemicals

November 28, 2023

IOHSAD conducted a recent study on the health and working conditions of workers in high-risk industries that utilize chemicals. Based on the results, IOHSAD and the workers plan to develop policies and practices for safer and healthier workplaces. The IOHSAD team and the worker-researchers gathered data through surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions across three […]

1 Year, 0 Justice! Safe workplaces now! Justice for Stephen Corilla!

June 2, 2023

One year has passed since Stephen Corilla died while cleaning a pulverizer machine inside the Universal Robina Corporation factory in Mandaue, Cebu on June 2, 2022. It was clear from the Department of Labor and Employment – Central Visayas (DOLE 7) investigation that the machine’s interlock safety device was defective. It has also been a […]

International Workers’ Memorial Day 2023: Unionized Workplaces are Safer Workplaces Organize and mobilize for workers’ safety, health, and rights!

April 25, 2023

The International Workers’ Memorial Day is commemorated every April 28 to remember all the workers who died due to unsafe jobs and workplaces. We also mark this day with our unwavering commitment to fight for workers’ health, safety, and rights. This year, we celebrate the success of our collective action that paved the way for […]

Workplace deaths rise: criminalize OSH standards violations now! 

July 19, 2022

Families of workplace accident victims, together with workplace safety group Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD), joined Gabriela Partylist today in filing House Bill 2126 that seeks to amend the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Law to include criminalization of OSH standards violations. IOHSAD said that imposing stiffer penalties and imprisonment on employers […]

Enough is enough! Criminalize violations of safety and health standards

July 10, 2022

Workplace safety NGO Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD) urged the government to immediately and decisively act on the alarming number of workplace accidents that has claimed workers’ lives. It also urged Congress to amend RA 11058 or the Occupational Safety and Health Law and include the criminalization of OSH standards violations. IOHSAD raised concerns […]