Certify the Paid Pandemic Leave Bill as Urgent! Pass HB 7909 Now!

May 21, 2021
Please scan the QR code and add your signature in support of the Paid Pandemic Leave Bill or HB 7909. Thank you!

Government-funded paid leaves are essential to workers’ health and livelihood during a pandemic. We call on the legislators to certify the Paid Pandemic Leave Bill or HB 7909 and other ayuda bills as urgent.

Paid leaves eliminate the dilemma of having to choose between health and income.

Compensation mechanisms are essential for public health compliance with quarantine measures.

Paid leaves enhance the workplace.

Paid leaves revitalize the economy. 

Read the full text of IOHSAD Philippines’ position paper and support statement on the Paid Pandemic Leave Bill or HB 7909 here.

Thank you the students of MMPUBLI De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Sir Dino Brucelas and the Center for Faculty Advancement Service Learning Unit for giving us the opportunity to discuss the Paid Pandemic Leave Bill. The infographic was conceptualized and designed by Team Chroma Fusion of Sir Dino Brucelas’ MMPUBLI class.